Custom Window Well Covers in Colorado Springs, CO

Window Well Cover Installation

Measured, Built and Installed

  • Template is made for each well cover
  • All bend and notches are built into the cover
  • Custom built by welding craftsmen
  • Expanded metal and center supports welded for extra strength
  • Ultimate light and ventilation
  • Steel frames support over 500 lbs
  • Baked on powder coating, your choice of 40 colors
  • Measured and installed by trained professionals
  • Cover can include locking hasps accessible from inside

Well Cover Prices

Small (Up to 40X20)
Large (Up to 62X32)
Oversize (Up to 70X38)
Jumbo (Up to 76X42)

Without Chains


With Chains

Installation $98 per House
Standard Bent Tabs
Flat Tabs
FREE Installation with 2 or More Covers